The local invention keeping Aussies cool and covered this summer


With the summer season drawing near, a local invention has been keeping Aussies covered on the beach and by the pool.

The innovative product, called Shader, was originally introduced to the market in 2018, following a successful Kickstarter launch that generated over $200k sales in just two weeks.

Shader recently went through a redesign and it now features a lightweight design, enabling it to be packed down smaller to fit into beach bags or luggage, enabling travellers to bring more must-haves for their vacation.

Shader is made with premium grade, deep reflective material to protect users from harmful UV rays and is designed to combine practicality, style, and convenience.

It also comes with additional features such as an extendable 180 coverage, which users can adjust for their specific needs and adapt to the movement of the sun, a convenient carry bag that can be easily converted to store belongings while at the beach or fold into a comfortable pillow to rest your head, and also a handy small pocket to keep the user’s phone or wallet safe.

With its all-new lightweight design, Shader is designed to be the portable solution to shade the face, negating the need for large beach umbrellas or heavy books, an effective protection from the sand and sun while enjoying summer days more comfortably.

“Keeping cool in the heat and protecting our faces from the harsh Aussie sun is so important, particularly when it comes to preventing sunburn and anti-ageing,” Shader Founder Mark Sellar said. “While we often get creative to shade our faces, using books, t-shirts or beach umbrellas that can blow away, we created Shader to be the perfect beach companion. Super lightweight, Shader has been designed to make traveling to and from the beach, as well as being sun safe, a breeze.”