Three tips to develop a millionaire mindset

millionaire mindset

The millionaire mindset has recently achieved substantial attention on social media. You may have heard people mention that they are working on their millionaire mindset. But what exactly does this mean?

A millionaire mindset isn’t about having a million dollars in the bank or living in a luxury penthouse. Instead, the focus is on creating the perspective of a millionaire, which is one of abundance. It is about transforming your attitude towards your life so that you feel you have everything you need and can therefore move through your life and towards your goals with ease, confidence and enjoyment.

Outsource what doesn’t serve you

Time is a precious currency that cannot be earned back. In turn, many millionaires or those on the trajectory to millionaire-hood outsource all tasks that they believed aren’t playing on their strengths. Even before they could justify the expense, some hired a house cleaner or personal assistant because this fed into their millionaire mindset. By outsourcing, they freed up time to focus on wealth creation, time with their loved ones and doing what was most important to them.

By applying this theory, once you calculate your per hour salary and the hours you gain back per week by outsourcing tasks, you will often find that you are ahead financially, using those hours gained to create wealth or enrich your life.

Incorporate daily spirituality

Many modern-day entrepreneurs have intertwined business and spiritual practices such as feng-shui. The intention is to focus on abundance flowing into you with ease. For example, in feng-shui, the colour green is often associated with wealth and certain plants are said to increase ‘wealth energy’. So, including these in your home can connect you with a feeling of prosperity and positivity.

Our thoughts are also energetic. Therefore, by limiting negative self-talk and transforming your words into ones of gratitude, you will reprogram your mind to see opportunities in obstacles. Focusing on money as energy activates the subconscious mind to remain laser sharp on creating wealth. Prioritising this view will continuously stand as a reminder that you are capable of and are here to generate a wealthy lifestyle. 

Treat yourself with care

The way you treat your wellbeing is a reflection of the financial opportunities that will come to you. Therefore, resting and doing what you love must be scheduled into your calendar. Recharging your internal energy battery is a must if you want to trailblaze ahead and gain clarity into your vision for goal setting and achievement.

The greatest entrepreneurs and millionaires schedule monthly or weekly day spa appointments, time with their loved ones, a swim at the beach, or simply a sleep-in. The key is to choose your preferred recharge method and incorporate it into your schedule as a non-negotiable.

Blocks to achieving your millionaire mindset

I’ve seen firsthand several things that will keep you from achieving the millionaire mindset and creating an abundant life.

Firstly, feeling guilty about money and wealth creation will sabotage your success since your self-talk will be shameful and condemning. Also, if you need to earn a side income while you start your business, you must allow yourself to do so. If you don’t, you will be desperate for sales and your customers, sensing this, will run a mile. Finally, one of the biggest blocks I’ve seen is people’s fears about expenses. Believing that expenses are investments instead of liabilities is crucial to creating gratitude, positivity and prosperity.

Fortunately, these blocks are all transformable by becoming conscious of yourself and following the tips above.